About Us

FDA Registered Facility

Five Star Juice is an FDA registered establishment and a fully compliant GMP large scale manufacturing facility dedicated to maintaining consumer health, safety and satisfaction by consistently delivering quality assured products.

  • Manufacturer's License = LT STF 90-300689
  • Distributor CA License = LD Q STF 90-007418

Our mission

Is to be the most trusted company to manufacturer and deliver top branded e-liquid products to the market.

About Us

How We Go Started

Five Star Juiceis a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility serving the needs and interests of the fast-growing e-liquid industry. Our team of industry professionals is setting the worldwide standard for e-liquid manufacturing, with deep experience in research, quality control and assurance, manufacturing, product formulation, and brand support.

Founded in 2013, with roots in the specialty chemical manufacturing industry that reach back more than 25 years, Five Star Juice has grown to become a leader of the e-liquid manufacturing industry today. Our experienced team of over 25 employees – encompassing research, production and management staff, a highly accomplished executive team, and an entrepreneurial founder – stands ready to serve the needs of large multi-national companies to small-scale businesses.